Sunday, October 2, 2011

Going Home To Roost..New Blog Find

Repinned from Gicela Chen

I think the best, or maybe worst, because I already spend waaaaay too much time reading blogs and surfing online, thing about Pinterest is finding all these new blogs and websites to fall in love with.  Today's droolfest is a blog called Going Home To Roost.  It's all about organic gardening, sustainable living, eating local, etc, with crafts and DIY projects and recipes..and she has a puppy..and, basically, a little slice of heaven. See the food porn I found there below.  Okay, organic fruits and veggies may not be everyone's idea of food porn, but they are mine.  LOL  I will be visiting there often, and likely repinning lots in the future. Check it out!

a guide to buying organic